"Well guys, you really impressed Jamie Cullum and Dizzee Rascal, 4Hours you were fantastic."
- Fearne Cotton, Must be the Music

"I really like La La La, you guys also have a unique look, you stand out like no other band. You look and sound great, Adam, I really like your voice, you are a great singer."
- Jamie Cullum, Must be the Music

"Wow, guys, I really get your music. I can hear La La La ringing out around a packed Wembley Stadium."
- Dizzee Rascal, Must be the Music

"They slay every venue they play at... we've done Purple Turtle.. Censo.. Bakers Arms.. Bang Bar - and every time - unanimously - people are gobsmacked. They're a pop rock band - their songs are so 'simple' and catchy and their stage presence is fun fun fun!"
- Loz Lozza, 100% Music & Basingstoke God of Music

"There’s a sadness about the EP ending, and this provides the perfect reluctant good bye, until you play it again."
- Sally's Gig Reviews

"So, your first live radio play on a national radio station, you guys are are great, keep it up, you have a really unique sound We look forward to having you back."
- Tim Shaw, Absolution on Absolute Radio

"University is a great track, I can just imagine myself dancing to that at a music festival"
- Linda Serck, BBC The Session

"Great songs, great lyrics, great voice, great blonde hair"
- Hughie Dixon, Ciao Buddha Radio Show