Over the years years, 4Hours; the rapidly emerging band from the London music scene, have been writing and recording new music that is enchanting audiences at their animated live shows. 4Hours, is living proof of the neural connection that pulses through this bands circulatory system.

Their EP, ‘The Vegas Girl’, announces without any doubt that they have the talent, chemistry, passion and new music to move them to the next level.

The band’s rise must be the music and is a result of indefatigable hard work, since 2007 when 4Hours delivered their first live performance in London. Since their opening gig they have been building a following, with their new music transcending several genres.

It only takes one listen to ‘The Vegas Girl’ to see the immense progress made in the past few years. The new music has taken on a richer, dirtier sound without sacrificing any of the melodies that are the trademark of 4Hours. As Adam explains, “The Record is about life, emotion and fun, 4Hours doesn’t take itself too seriously.”

“What comes next is what comes next... 4Hours will continue to have fun, enjoy performing in and around the new music scene as well as more nationwide venues, and enchanting their fans”, but it is obvious that the band have something special, they are talented and have staying power. ‘The Vegas Girl’ is the bands declaration of ambition, musical progression and dedication to the cause. Adam says, “I have a great time rehearsing and gigging anything else will be like unprotected sex: dangerous... but fun.”